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Bruins Tickets - The Boston Bruins are in the playoffs again and we have the seats you need to cheer on Boston's hockey team! Bruins tickets are available for all 2012 Bruins playoffs games.

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Bruins Tickets - Bruins Playoff Tickets Available

Boston is a place with people who are passionate about their sports. It features people who joyously and constantly speak about their favorite New England teams. One of these teams are the famous Boston Bruins. Known to all as the Bruins, they are the third oldest franchise in the venerable NHL, and they are the oldest hockey team in the United States. Bruins fans understand and know this key fact. It is what helps ignite the fire of support in their bellies, it is what encourages them to gather around the TD Garden, the Boston Bruins home stadium, in record numbers. And it is what has also helped this founding member of the NHL find so much success. The Boston Bruins have a storied history. They were, as mentioned, one of the Original Six, a founding member of the league. But it would be some years after that that the first truly legendary events of the Bruins history would begin. These were the years of the Big Bad Bruins, a team stocked with so much talent that other teams would complain about having to face murderer's row. With such famous luminaries as Phil Esposito, a player that managed to win the Art Ross Trophy four years in a row, the Bruins were the bullies on the block, winning game after game with a physicality and toughness that few had ever witnessed. They were led by one of the greatest players to ever grace the rink: Bobby Orr. A defenceman, Orr revolutionized the position, actually winning the scoring title multiple times despite playing from the back. And then, in a year forever remembered and cherished by Bruins' fans, 1970 came. In 1970, the Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup, beating the St. Louis Blues. And suddenly, Boston was lit up with happiness and joy as all the fans celebrated a hard fought victory deep into the night. This first taste of victory and glory was not enough for the franchise. Spurred on by their fans, the franchise would capture five more. And now, Boston Bruins tickets are forever in high demand. Home games on the Bruins schedule are dotted, circled, highlighted. All want the chance to see their beloved Bruins fight for victory in the noble sport of hockey. Bruins ticket info is hastily traded online and in person, in bars and cafes where the topic of discussion almost always inevitably becomes: Did you see the Bruins game last night? And none wish for such a conversation to fade. For the Bruins are Boston. They are a representation of Boston's history, of Boston's people. A city often forgotten in the light of New York, they have their own culture, their own heritage, and their professional teams tend to whoop those southerner New Yorkers. The Boston Bruins have the honor of having some of the best players the league has ever seen. They boast a rabid fan base that snap up Bruins tickets like no other. And they have made the TD Garden a fortress, a home that cannot fall to any team, forcing all teams yield to the Bruins.